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A Message from Mrs. Gonzalez, Principal:

WELCOME BACK!!!  So much has happened on campus this summer, new paint, new portables, blacktop resurfacing and painting and much, much more to be prepared for an AMAZING 2016-2017 school year.  There are a few changes I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of.  The changes are due to the safety of our students, staff and parents.  This always one of our main focus points and will continue to be.  Please read below and feel free to ask me any questions, I always enjoy talking with everyone.

Traffic Signs:

The city changed the way traffic will flow from Wood Street onto Schoolhouse Lane.  There is no longer the ability to pick-up or drop-off students before or after school along the sidewalk between Wood and the entrance to JFK, along with that please do not park your car there (you will receive a ticket).  This area is now considered a continuously moving lane of traffic that cars are not allowed to park.  If this is where you had arranged with your child to pick-up and drop-off in the pas years, please begin planning for a different area to meet as the year begins.  This change was put into place to help with people driving the wrong way down Schoolhouse Lane and to keep not only our students safe, but our families who are dropping off and picking -up students as well.

As a reminder, students and people picking them up and dropping them off are not allowed to cross the entrance or exit of the parking lot.  Please follow the marked areas and crosswalks to get from the school side of the parking lot and street.  This change last year not only made it safer for everyone, it created less traffic for those who were picking-up and dropping-off students.

Picking -up students at the end of the day

Kennedy has had a closed campus to parents in the morning for the past few years.  This has been a huge success in keeping our students safe and being able to monitor them while they are on campus.  In the months leading up to summer, the Riverside Unified School District and School Board revisited the policies on visitors on campus before, during and after school to ensure that we know who is in contact with our students while they are on campus.

There will be two major changes at Kennedy as a result to the policy review.  These changes will begin Friday, September 1st.

*No one, except students and staff, will be allowed on campus one hour before or after school unless they have previously scheduled meeting and are signed in at the office.  If you would like to meet with your child's teacher, but do not have a scheduled meeting we will call the teacher to see if they are available to meet, or if they will need to schedule a time with you.  Please make sure you arrange a place to meet your student outside of school gates when school is over.  Students will exit various gates around campus to meet parents rather than parents meeting students at their classrooms.

*During Assemblies, Awards or any other time on campus parents and visitors will need to sign-in.  This change will include the Student of the Month Assemblies or events that occur during the day in the MPR.  We will have a table set-up with sign-in sheets and stickers ready for all visitors and guests so it should not be a long process, just a bit different than in the past.  All visitors must show ID when they sign in to be on campus for any event.  If you do not have your ID, we will not be able to allow you on campus.  

We know this will be a bit of a transition as we make the changes to align to board policy.  We appreciate your support to ensure that our students are kept safe at all times.

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